Saturday, March 24, 2012

French Manicure's - A Bride's Classic Look

The REAL origin of the french manicure is somewhat unclear, however the truth is that a patent was granted to 2 co-inventors for a kit assembly and technique for performing a cosmetic nail treatment - namely French Manicure. This style of nail treatment represents class, elegance and a sense of high-quality grooming.  It's a look that will most likely never go out of style.  Brides choose this type of nail treatment because it's elegant, universal and your nails will be a prominent part of your wedding day attire. Everyone will be looking you because this is your day.

Some brides prefer to go a step further by adding additional decoration to their wedding day nails.  Consider adding a special touch to your nails with beautiful nail art.  Be sure to find a salon with an experienced nail art specialist.

If you're having a summer indoor wedding you will most likely be wearing an elegant high-heeled sandal.  A French Manicure for your toes will match your nails and its also a very clean, well-groomed look for a bride.  If you happen to be planning a beach wedding, remember that beautiful beaded foot jewelry will add the finishing touch to your special day.

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