Friday, April 6, 2012

Beach Wedding Veils & Beach Wedding Breezes

Romantic beach weddings are a life-long dream of many brides. They picture themselves saying "I Do" in the most beautiful setting - a perfect blue sky, on a warm, sandy beach with tropical breezes gently blowing off the azure sea.   It's absolutely heavenly and everything is perfect. Then, next thing you know, those balmy breezes have turned into gusts of wind and your veil goes flying.  Since windy days are very unpredictable, there's now an ideal way to keep your veil where it should be....Veil Weights!

Created by Southern California Wedding Planner, Jill Watson, these beautiful pieces of  magnetic jewelry can be easily attached to a bride's veil, thus keeping those veils where they were meant to be.  After coordinating many weddings where windy conditions caused her brides' veil to blow here and there, disrupting the ceremony and videos, Jill decided they would be just the solution to a frequent situation at beach weddings.  Jill notes that a veil will still have movement but the weights will keep it from blowing out of control.

The weights come in a package of 6 in four styles - Swarovski crystal in an oval or round shape or Mother of Pearl in oval or round shapes. They are magnetic and attach easily to the bottom of a veil. Instructions come with every set and after the wedding you can use them as magnets to hang up your beautiful wedding photos.

Jewels by Jan is excited to offer Jill's veil weights at $59.95 per set.  Be sure to visit our site so you can be prepared for the unpredictable ocean breezes!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

French Manicure's - A Bride's Classic Look

The REAL origin of the french manicure is somewhat unclear, however the truth is that a patent was granted to 2 co-inventors for a kit assembly and technique for performing a cosmetic nail treatment - namely French Manicure. This style of nail treatment represents class, elegance and a sense of high-quality grooming.  It's a look that will most likely never go out of style.  Brides choose this type of nail treatment because it's elegant, universal and your nails will be a prominent part of your wedding day attire. Everyone will be looking you because this is your day.

Some brides prefer to go a step further by adding additional decoration to their wedding day nails.  Consider adding a special touch to your nails with beautiful nail art.  Be sure to find a salon with an experienced nail art specialist.

If you're having a summer indoor wedding you will most likely be wearing an elegant high-heeled sandal.  A French Manicure for your toes will match your nails and its also a very clean, well-groomed look for a bride.  If you happen to be planning a beach wedding, remember that beautiful beaded foot jewelry will add the finishing touch to your special day.