Thursday, October 22, 2009

Holiday Party Season is Just Around the Corner!

Every year the holiday season seems to creep up on us a little bit earlier.  It isn't even Halloween yet and I'm already seeing holiday decorations in places like Target and Wal Mart.  I'm just wondering when we'll see the first TV Christmas ad.  So the last thing on your mind is what shoe's you'll wear to your office holiday party or for New Years Eve.

With the economy in a slump and many people without work, saving money will be on everyone's mind this year.  Here's an idea that will not only save you the cost of buying a brand new pair of shoe's to wear with your holiday dress but will also turn you into the fashionista of the night!  Dive into your closet and pull out that pair of plain, strappy sandals and transform them into a dazzling pair of shoes that is sure to start a trend. 

Jewels by Jan Swarovski crystal barefoot sandals can totally change a pair of shoes.  With a collection of over 20 different designs of beaded foot jewelry you're sure to find the perfect pair to jazz up your party shoes.  The sandals shown here are called Elegant Evening, aptly named for either a night on the town or a fabulous New Years Eve event. It's only one of the many colors and designs we offer. 

Visit our site and find your favorite pair - we'll custom make them to fit your foot perfectly!  The sandals come in pairs of course!  So sparkle....dazzle.....and impress this holiday season!

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